Neon Art And Unknown Facts

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So this is my first article I’ve put together. After some thought, I’ve really been into look at different types of neon and how it can be used. Sometimes it’s used as art like this great piece below and sometimes it’s used in signage.neon art


I decided to put some facts together about Neon which you may or may not know! Have fun reading guys.

We all are familiar with the Neon in its most popular used form, Neon signs. However, what do you know about these signs? How does Neon sign makers make these signs? So let us talk about some of the most commonly asked questions about the Neon signs and their usage that is not so well known.So let us start with the basic question that voices a safety issue.

Can you get burned if you touch Neon signs?
No, you don’t. The lit Neon signs do not release heat in any way. The transformers do release some heat but this is safe and minimal. As a matter of fact, these signs have an appeal to attract people. It is indeed a delight for the eyes to see the lit neon signs outside shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and amusements park. The businesses using Neon lights can easily convey their message to their target audience. How Long

Will a Neon Sign Work?
Different factors are involved in the lifespan of neon signs, including the quality of power supply, quality of installation and acts of nature. These tubes may work for years in a calm and perfect environment but in more practical terms, the most luminous Neon signs should last from ten to fifteen years. The working capacity also depends on upon the quality of product offered by Neon sign makers.

These signs are also easy to customise to create different shapes, signs, numbers, letters, and symbols. They are also be found in different colours and sizes. This quality makes them usable for many purposes. The neon signs can be seen from a distance. They are colourful and bright enough to attract the interest of the viewers. You can easily notice them on a rainy and foggy day when the traditional lamps appear dull.
Are Neon Sign Dangerous?
Argon and Neon glasses and inert and are not a threat to the environment and individuals. Argon filled tubing contains a small amount of Mercury which creates no threat as long as the tube is intact. Environmental Protection Agency approved methods must be applied for the disposal of Neon signs.

How Does the Neon Signs Produce Light?
The concept behind the Neon sign is very easy to understand. Inside the sign, there are gasses like Argon, Krypton, and Neon which are kept at low pressure. Both ends of the tube have electrodes. When the high voltage is applied, the neon gas ignites and the electrons activate the atoms and cause them to emit light.
Neon signs are environmentally friendly too. They don’t emit harmful radiation. This quality makes them usable at public places. These signs can be bought from Neon sign makers. logoCredit: for helping me with some of these answers. I know Vito the owner as he helped my dads business with a new sign once!

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